Month: July 2016

Paris Mens Fashion Week Highlights

Trust the Mecca of fashion- Paris- to come up with some mindboggling trends every season. The recently concluded Paris Men’s Fashion Week proved just that yet again, while throwing up some edgy and forward trends. Here’s a roundup on the top five trends that stood out at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week spring-summer 2017, before they appear at men’s online fashion stores.



Keeping the season in mind, there were a significantly large number of collections inspired by the long, oversized Arab cloak. Christophe Lemaire’s eponymous label presented four collections, all of them inspired by the djellabas, although he insisted that he hadn’t tried to create anything religion specific. OAMC also came up with a djellaba raincoat and a light tunic shirt, while Japanese brand Issey Miyake showed India-inspired kameez tunics and blanket shawls, making the cloak one of the most dominant features this fashion week.


Long sleeves

No, we’re not talking of the ordinary long sleeves. The Paris Men’s Fashion Week displayed this season what are known as gorilla sleeves- sleeves so long, that they dangle till the knees. The trend of super long sleeves began much before the men’s fashion week, when earlier Paris shows displayed the look. At this fashion week, gorilla sleeves were back, with some hoodies even sporting trailing cords to make the sleeves look even longer. They may not be practical, but this trend can be spotted in online men’s fashion storesvery soon.


Unisex looks

Gender bending was one of the biggest trends coming out of Paris Men’s Fashion Week this season. While Belgian designer Glenn Martens’ edgy collection for Y-project had models wearing yellow satin shirts, lilac suits, and slippers on the runway, then Maison Margiela had both men and women flaunting men’s clothes and guys in miniskirts. Pigalle dressed the models in feminine pastel hues, who were ‘attending’ the ‘wedding’ of designer Stephane Ashpool at the show. There were pastels, whites, and floral designs galore.



Plaid (or tartan) has been a recurrent theme at Paris Men’s Fashion Week. At the Spring-Summer ’17 show, there were generous doses of plaid in many collections. Not just at Paris, but across several Spring/Summer collections, plaid or tartan has been a staple feature. Louis Vuitton’s travel-centric collection featured plaid suits and shirts, while Japanese labels Kolor, Facetasm, and OAMC used colourful checks to come up with coats and trousers.


Special mention: Valentino

One of the most opulent shows at this season’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week was that of Valentino. The star-studded collection, with Chinese actor Yang Yang and Benjamin Walker in the front row, featured faded denim cowboy shirts, and colour contrast in the form of ripped pockets in jackets. There were oversized coats and bling studded coats, and camo printed sweaters. The theme of the collection was ‘Unfinished’ and many of the pieces achieved the look of incompleteness well.

A Complete Guide to Bow Ties

Have you picked up your favourite suit for the weekend party but no accessory? Bow tie is the key. No ensemble is complete without a right accessory and when it’s with men, bow ties accompany best. A man with a bow tie eTop of Form

Bottom of Form

Xudes class and sophistication; he is man with a difference and is not afraid of attending big size formal party where hundreds of aristocrats await him. However, picking a right bow tie is crucial as it can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident. You need to pick the right bow tie as per the occasion and your suit.

Before we discuss tips to select designer bow ties online, let’s know a gist about its origin. The bow tie has Croatian roots; Croatian men used to wear scarves called cravat to hold the collars which evolved over a time and now worn as a classy neckwear. By eighteenth century bow ties became an essential part of men’s attire and are often worn by surgeons and academia. This evolution gave rise to different kinds of bow ties that provide convenience of use and stylish patterns add a touch of glam to the wearer’s persona. Read on to know about these ties.

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

It is the most common of all bow ties that comes in a variety of patterns, textures and prints and are sold by various online stores offering huge discounts on their designer collection of bow ties. It is also known as the “freestyle” bow tie. That means it comes in free fabric that can be ties as per the wearer’s preference. Self tied bows show a unique charm and quirkiness that a pre-tied bow tie can never match. However, many people don’t find it easy and opt for pre tied bow ties.

The Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Attached with an adjustable neck strap, pre tied bow ties are easy to size and can be worn in a matter of seconds. There are many designer bow ties shops offering a conglomerate of amazing designs and patterns of pre tied bow ties and have made these available for online shopping. While pre-tied bows provide an easy option for a newbie or an adolescent, self tied bows continue to have their uniqueness intact. Nevertheless, one can easily search for a nice pre-tied bow tie online and make an everlasting impression on the peeps.

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The Clip-On Bow Tie

Least but certainly not the last are the clip-on bow ties that have a metal clasp on the back that hooks directly onto the collar of a shirt. These require no measurement and can be worn by anyone, but mostly used by youngsters as it looks too juvenile on adults. You can choose from an array of bow ties offered by various online stores or design your own bow tie with those offering custom option.

The facts of Swim Spas

Swim Spais considered as a swimming treadmill. It acts as a pool where a person can easily swim and the water current will help you swim effectively. In this item, you can swim in 4 different strokes like back, butterfly, breast and crawl. The main size of the swim spa is 7/14 feet, but it is also available in various sizes. This is mainly used for swimming exercise like water aerobics, elastic bands, and strength training. It helps in stress relief and acts as a swimming treadmill. It will include a complete family fun. It is effective for health therapy and recovers your injury and keep arthritis in control.

Swim Spashelps in the management of weight, surf training, animal therapy and kayaking training. The swim currents are categorized in two forms and they are

1) Spa-type jet

2) Paddlewheels

In number one, the nozzles push the air and water to form the swim current and it is effective for family fun and recreational swimming. In number two, it is especially used to move huge volume water and it also helps in creating deep and wide moving water. For smoothening of water, the use of turning vanes and grills is very popular. In case of serious swimming, it is mostly used by the users. The vessels of swim spa are also available in two types. The first one is fiberglass swim spa and it is perfect for the installation in the outdoor location. The second one is vinyl liner that is good for installation in the indoor location. The installation process is not so tough and it takes very less time and effort. The entire look is tremendously attractive and gives the swimmers a real happiness.

Do you want to buy Dual Zone Swim Spa? But, before that, you should know why you will buy this item. it has the advantage of swimming pool and hot tub. They are very spacious and very useful. In swim spa, you can swim without any boundary and it is even very environment-friendly. After a tiring day, you can relax and live a stress free life. Kids love to spend time in this product and enjoy swimming and health at the same time. So, anyone can install both indoor and outdoor swim spas and enjoy the benefits. The product is reliable and effective and very good for one’s health.

There are many dealers available online. Start the research well to find the swim spa and you will get the product as per your choice. The online help is really helpful and the product is genuinely effective. You will get them at the best price and you can compare the price and then take the decision as per your choice. You will get quality product and this will actually save your money and time. Many gym owners can also buy this item and install in the gym for a great health benefit. Keep your health fit and healthy and take the fun of swimming at the same time.

Why Sheepskin Slipper are a Perfect Gift Item

It is never easy to buy a gift item for our grandmother. We want something that she will not only truly love, but also use regularly. But the gift ideas always do not come effortlessly. Sometimes, even after a vigorous mental gymnastics, we cannot decide what we should buy for our granny. If this is the case with you, this article will be a great help to you.

A top-quality women’s sheepskin slippers have firm soles for outdoor and come with fully fitted style. Here are top five reasons why sheepskin slippers are a perfect gift item:
As sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately and submits it into the air seven times faster than synthetics. So sheepskin slippers offer utmost comfort to the wearer. Your granny will certainly thank for such a thoughtful gift.
As sheepskin contains lanolin – a basic substance similar to that found in human skin, it is very much gentle on the skin. So sheepskin slippers are gentle on the feet. Also, sheepskin slippers help prevent sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
Sheepskin is dirt and bacteria resistant. Therefore, sheepskin slippers keep feet safe from many infections. Your granny would certainly appreciate this gift.
Due to the breathing property of sheepskin, sheepskin slippers are great for any season as they remain cool during summer and warm in winter.

Sheepskin slippers are extremely comfortable and lightweight, which make them an ideal gift item for your granny.

Considering these benefits, it is clear that sheepskin slippers are a perfect gift item for grandmothers. When it comes to buying women’s sheepskin slippers, you will not face any difficulty. These days, you can easily place an order for sheepskin slippers online. However, it is suggested that you should always choose a reputed company to buy sheepskin slipper online.

When you are buying sheepskin shoes online, you should make sure that you choose a company that specializes in offering sheepskin products only. This will help you browse through a wide range of slippers and buy a perfect pair for your beloved granny. Also, you should check the shipping cost. Some companies include shipping cost in the final prices depicting on their websites, while some companies charge shipping costs separately. There are some companies that offer free shipping on an order of a certain value or more. Choosing one such company can save you shipping cost.