Have you picked up your favourite suit for the weekend party but no accessory? Bow tie is the key. No ensemble is complete without a right accessory and when it’s with men, bow ties accompany best. A man with a bow tie eTop of Form

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Xudes class and sophistication; he is man with a difference and is not afraid of attending big size formal party where hundreds of aristocrats await him. However, picking a right bow tie is crucial as it can transform your outfit from unimaginative to quirky and confident. You need to pick the right bow tie as per the occasion and your suit.

Before we discuss tips to select designer bow ties online, let’s know a gist about its origin. The bow tie has Croatian roots; Croatian men used to wear scarves called cravat to hold the collars which evolved over a time and now worn as a classy neckwear. By eighteenth century bow ties became an essential part of men’s attire and are often worn by surgeons and academia. This evolution gave rise to different kinds of bow ties that provide convenience of use and stylish patterns add a touch of glam to the wearer’s persona. Read on to know about these ties.

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

It is the most common of all bow ties that comes in a variety of patterns, textures and prints and are sold by various online stores offering huge discounts on their designer collection of bow ties. It is also known as the “freestyle” bow tie. That means it comes in free fabric that can be ties as per the wearer’s preference. Self tied bows show a unique charm and quirkiness that a pre-tied bow tie can never match. However, many people don’t find it easy and opt for pre tied bow ties.

The Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Attached with an adjustable neck strap, pre tied bow ties are easy to size and can be worn in a matter of seconds. There are many designer bow ties shops offering a conglomerate of amazing designs and patterns of pre tied bow ties and have made these available for online shopping. While pre-tied bows provide an easy option for a newbie or an adolescent, self tied bows continue to have their uniqueness intact. Nevertheless, one can easily search for a nice pre-tied bow tie online and make an everlasting impression on the peeps.

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The Clip-On Bow Tie

Least but certainly not the last are the clip-on bow ties that have a metal clasp on the back that hooks directly onto the collar of a shirt. These require no measurement and can be worn by anyone, but mostly used by youngsters as it looks too juvenile on adults. You can choose from an array of bow ties offered by various online stores or design your own bow tie with those offering custom option.